Sandra Hammer - a Profile

Sandra Hammer is a Northern landscape painter working in both oils and acrylic. She has lived and worked in Yorkshire and Northumberland for many creative years. After an early art education in the 1960's she returned to full time creative work in the 1990's by taking a Visual Studies course followed by a Fine Art Degree from Leeds Met. University.

Her paintings are vibrant and expressive, full of energy and movement. The paint is poured, dripped, brushed and layered creating surfaces to be explored in close up as well as images to be enjoyed from a distance.

A move to Wiltshire has provided Sandra with a softer landscape from which to work, though the more rugged areas of Britain still provide inspiration. Paintings from the North Cornwall coast are a counterpoint to the grasslands of Wiltshire. It is the energy emanating from the landscape which continues to be the focus of her painting.

Sandra is currently Chair of the Salisbury Group Of Artists.